Apocalypse EP

by L F Antenna

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released November 13, 2012

Written by Jesse Jones. Produced by Eldridge Goins.



all rights reserved


L F Antenna Austin, Texas

Send the message "Too Green For Me" to facebook.com/LFAntenna to receive half off the full album,
Anthills Rise & Governments Fall

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Track Name: Dr. Greed
I cain’t see no, Doctor. He’s too green for me [repeat]

I cain’t see no doctor
He’s too green for me.
So gather round now, children, and let me
tell you what you mean to me
Before I go. I want you to know there’s
more to life, than filling your bowl.
So take me out now, to the backyard
and we can lay to rest my weary soul
with a shotgun salute
to a hard fought life on the rungs of the ladder.
And I’m shaking in my boots
because the baby’s sick
and we don’t know what’s the matter.
Track Name: Still a Snake
Still a snake time slithers by,
and you say the same thing.
And I reach for you
but you do the same thing.

You bite.

Still a snake patterns on your back,
and you do the same thing.
And I don’t see it coming,
but I feel the sting,

of your bite.

Still a snake tongue telling lies,
and you hiss at me.
And you say the same thing,
but how can I believe?

When you say I love you.
No no no

Still a snake no matter how I try,
I never really change.
And I shed my skin,
but I’m still the same.

So I bite
Track Name: Apocalyptic Love Song
I remember the drive, 

we were flying down that coast line, 

moon up above.

There were fires blazing,

we were racing,

it was beautiful.

As I recall they said,

hundreds died that night,

but you and I that night,

we were making love 

like the sun would never come up,

it was beautiful.

And the seas wash away

the ends of the earth,

President say,

"It's raining God's fire."

And the seas wash away, 

the ends of the earth,

news man say,
yes he did,

"It's raining God's fire."

and it rains, 
oh but let it rain.

I remember the break,

we were sittin on
both sides

of that widening valley.

As the earth gave way

i thought i heard you say
it was,

So now i'm falling for you,

just trying to keep up with you

into the darkness below.

Lights are fading,

but i see your face

and it's, beautiful.


And it rains.

If we don't survive,

I will cherish my short time.

Cause just to know your smile,

it was beautiful.

If the Earth has to go,

I wan't you to know,

that in my life,

you were the most

I said in my life,

oh you were the most,